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So I haven’t posted any updates for a while as things have been rather chaotic here over the past few weeks since we finally got access to the latest Source Engine Code and started the process of porting everything over. Originally I thought it would be a fairly straightforward task since DE’s code was minimal and the content being pretty much done. However, after some initial issues just getting the P2 Engine code to compile, it quickly became obvious once we had a build up and running that things were going to be far from straightforward… …Read More

Back on Track

Well, a lot has been happening since I last posted here, some of it bad and some of it good…Whilst development on DE has been going relatively smoothly over the past few months, we were unfortunately hit with a rather large setback relating to the University who was originally backing our Indie Endeavour.Due to various convoluted legal reasons regarding liability issues, insurance and a whole bag of other things a cant begin to comprehend, the University decided to pull out of the project just before the final bits of paperwork were due to be signed, and we were to get access to the retail Source code. …Read More


Hello again! Firstly allow me to apologise for the lack of updates here on my Devblog during recent events. As many of you probably already know by now, an announcement was made over the weekend that Dear Esther was going ‘commercial’(-I prefer the term ‘Independent’). Originally, a press release was sent out last Thursday and was supposed to be embargoed until the 19th of Feb. Unfortunately one site decided to release last Friday, over a week early! Within hours the news was everywhere – cue panic!! …Read More

Q&A + MODTY and new media!

So in my last update I asked for your questions regarding the Dear Esther Remake, and today I have been sifting through them and have answered some of the most common questions asked below: …Read More

Slow and Steady – A Brief Update

I recently realised how much time has passed since my last update on here and so I thought I’d put together a small update to show a little bit of what has been going on in my absence. …Read More